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7th-Jun-2020 04:25 am - CONTACT & HMD
e-mail; super.chocobo[at]gmail.com
aim; tackleglomp
msn; sira[at]livejournal.com (you'll have to ask me to sign on!)

It might be a lot easier to talk to me personally if you have an issue with my playing, but if you'd rather stay anonymous or if you are unable to contact me otherwise, I understand!

Please drop me your thoughts here if you have any comments at all about May as a character or myself as a player, and I will do my best to take each one into consideration and if applicable, improve upon these aspects in the future. Don't be afraid of being honest, as I am always open to constructive criticism--thank you in advance for the help! ♥

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2nd-Jun-2020 01:04 pm - MAY APPLICATION • roadtoviridian
• player •
Name/Alias: Julie
LJ: sira
Contact Info: E-mail: super.chocobo[at]gmail.com • AIM: tackleglomp
Previous Characters: --

• canon character •
Name: May (PC)
Age: 19
Hometown/Region: Cianwood City, Johto → Littleroot Town, Hoenn
Class: Pokémon Trainer/Champion
[on hand] Blaziken M Swellow F Gallade M Glaceon F Milotic F Salamence M
[at home/roaming] Beautifly M Absol F Rayquaza

[traded/released] Wailord M Flygon M

history • personality • samplesCollapse )
⇨ mudkip is so last meme
Characters: May & Brendan
Date/Time: Four years prior to RTV; late fall. May and Brendan are around the age of 15.
Location: Brendan's house, Littleroot Town.
Warnings: ;__;
Summary/Notes: Unfortunately, the trip was abruptly canceled when he lost control of his Salamence, and he instead spent two weeks locked in his room with his head covered in bandages and Salamence deposited into Lanette's PC.

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