May (verdoyant) wrote,


hsowa am i rite has entered the room.
fossilresearch has entered the room.
that green couch has entered the room.
lovesmythology has entered the room.
hsowa am i rite: Well, well. Looks like we've got some talkers tonight~
that green couch: hello!
that green couch: who might you be? :o
lovesmythology: Hey, guys!
fossilresearch: Hello, everyone.
hsowa am i rite: Daisuke. And you are?
hasgoldenaura has entered the room.
lovesmythology: Man, it's been so long since I've been able to come in here!
hasgoldenaura: Me too. Long time no see, familiar faces. :)
gymfantomatique has entered the room.
that green couch: it's been forever for sure!
hsowa am i rite: Hello~
lovesmythology: It's great! I'm glad I can talk to everyone again.
gymfantomatique: bonjour!
hsowa am i rite: Oh, la la~
that green couch: oh--sorry, I didn't see your response there! I'm May, it's nice to meet you~
hsowa am i rite: May, huh? A pleasure.
lovesmythology: ...Fantina, is that you?
that green couch: where might you be from?
gymfantomatique: oui, this is Fantina! who might you be?
hsowa am i rite: So curious! Though it's not much of a secret. I'm from Ecruteak, in Johto.
lovesmythology: Katie! :D
gymfantomatique: ahh! ma chere Katie! How have you been doing?? Excellente I hope, oui?
that green couch: oooh, Ecruteak! such a beautiful city. I'm from Hoenn myself.
hasgoldenaura: Ecruteak, Huh? You just reminded me that it's been a while since I been in Johto, whoever you are. I'm Ethan, by the way~!
lovesmythology: Mmhmm! I've been busy training all this time!
mysoulisfuchsia has entered the room.
that green couch: JANINEY
that green couch: <3
hsowa am i rite: May and Ethan, huh? Such a famous chat!
lovesmythology: Hey, Janine!
gymfantomatique: training for our rematch? C'est fantastique! I am expecting no less from you, certainement! :-D
mysoulisfuchsia: Hi everyone! :3
hasgoldenaura: Janine? Hey, there! Didn't think you'd be savvy enough to use these things.
that green couch: you're in excellent company besides, daisuke! there's two fantastic gym leaders here too, evidently
mysoulisfuchsia: ... why would you say that?
lovesmythology: That's right! I'm looking for the win next time, for sure!
hsowa am i rite: I see that. It's impressive, really~
gymfantomatique: aha! le Relic Badge will be as elusive as ever, oui? ;-)
hasgoldenaura: Figured you were as strict as your dad, no offense... eheh...
mysoulisfuchsia: ... no, I'm not. |:
lovesmythology: I'm not leaving without it next time! ;D
that green couch: Good luck to both of you in your rematch, Katie, Fantina! *\o/*
gymfantomatique: did someone just say 2 fantastique gym leaders?? aha!
lovesmythology: Thanks, May! <3
gymfantomatique: ah! merci beaucoup to you, green couch!
that green couch: dfgklsjdfgs
hsowa am i rite: ...Interesting choice of words!
that green couch: um, sorry for not introducing myself to you, ahaha~ I'm May!
hsowa am i rite: Or... should I say "letters strung together incoherently."
boyslovemyhat has entered the room.
mysoulisfuchsia: Oh? We have a newcomer in here!
that green couch: .... now you could be any number of people
lovesmythology: Hello, new person!
hasgoldenaura: ...Nice name, there.
gymfantomatique: ahh bonjour! la champion de Hoenn, oui? i have heard a lot about you from wallace!
boyslovemyhat: Huh, haven't used this thing in a while
gymfantomatique: most fantastique things, of course!
boyslovemyhat: Champion of Hoenn is May.
boyslovemyhat: I just do some research for my dad
that green couch: oh yes that's me! I just introduced myself shortly before you came in, Brendan
hsowa am i rite: This could get confusing rather quickly.
boyslovemyhat: Guess I should introduce myself to everyone then?
gymfantomatique: and it is nice to be meeting you, Brendan. Je suis Fantina, la gym leader of Hearthome Gym!
hsowa am i rite: I guess I can do with a color change, for the time being.
that green couch: I've heard great things about you too, Fantina! :-)
boyslovemyhat: Nice to meet ya, Fantina '
lovesmythology: Hey, Brendan! (It's Katie, if you remember me!)
boyslovemyhat: Oh hey Katie! It's been a while
fossilresearch: Oh, I completely forgot I had this thing on.
hasgoldenaura: Nice to meet ya, Brendan. Ethan here. :3
gymfantomatique: Oh! I hope Wallace does not overpraise me! It is most embarrassing at times!
that green couch: hee, I think he just does that. he's too nice to me, really!
mysoulisfuchsia: Wallace?
that green couch: but I've always really admired top coordinators. I've never gotten a hang of contests myself, but they're always amazing to watch.
boyslovemyhat: Hey Ethan. Aren't you that champion or something?
lovesmythology: dffffffffffffffffffffssssssssssssssssssssssdffffffffff
that green couch: Katie! are you okay?!
hasgoldenaura: Of the Indiago league? Yup. The one. :)
lovesmythology: .......urk! Um, Hahani says hi to everyone!
hasgoldenaura: ...Hahaha. Typhlosion does that when he can.
gymfantomatique: Aha! They are les most beautiful and exciting oui? If you are willing, Wallace and I will be most happy to take you under our wings!
that green couch: ahhh, hi haha <3
that green couch: Oh gosh, that would be an incredible experience, I'm sure! I'll keep it in mind if I ever decide to try it out!
lovesmythology: <333 He misses everyone!
gymfantomatique: Ahhh! Ethan! we have met sometime ago, oui? Have you found a coordinator for your lovely misdreavus?
boyslovemyhat: Yeah, som league or something. I don't really follow battling all the much
hasgoldenaura: Yeah! A girl named Ayane took interest in him.
hasgoldenaura: We might meet up with each other soon for the trade. :)
gymfantomatique: C'est excellente!! Which pokemon might you be getting in return?
that green couch: Ethan's an amazing trainer, Brendan~ Easily one of the best in the four regions!
that green couch: He's so charming and kind, too. <3
boyslovemyhat: That's nice to know...
hasgoldenaura: She... seemed eager to get rid of her Duskull. So I guess I'm not losing a ghost pokemon, afterr all. I'm happy. :>
that green couch: I think you two would get along if you met up~
hasgoldenaura: ....huh?
lovesmythology: heeeeeeeeee.
mysoulisfuchsia: ?
mysoulisfuchsia: Something the matter, Ethan?
boyslovemyhat: asl;kdlssssssssssssa
hasgoldenaura: ....kdsjncksljdcwad
that green couch: .......
that green couch: Are you boys quite all right?
mysoulisfuchsia: ... ? o_o
hsowa am i rite: ....?
gymfantomatique: Excellente! A Duskull is a lovely pokemon! My Dusknoir most certainement agree!
that green couch: wwhat
that green couch: a blur?
mysoulisfuchsia: A what?
boyslovemyhat: SHIT MY PANTS
lovesmythology: Huh?
that green couch: .....
gymfantomatique: quoi? What is happening?
that green couch: um
hsowa am i rite: You shit your pants?
hasgoldenaura: .Uh./. I'll... Look into it, May.
that green couch: oh my
boyslovemyhat: JESUS WHAT
mysoulisfuchsia: ... that's unfortunate o fyou.
hsowa am i rite: That's a bit too much information.
mysoulisfuchsia: *of you
mysoulisfuchsia: H-hey!
boyslovemyhat: What, no! I did no shit my pants!
mysoulisfuchsia: My pants!
boyslovemyhat: No, they're freakin' missing!
mysoulisfuchsia: Same here!
hsowa am i rite: Well, you said "shit my pants"
boyslovemyhat: What the hell?!
that green couch: ...........
mysoulisfuchsia: What is going on?!
that green couch: Are you sure you didn't take them off?
lovesmythology: ............u-um
hasgoldenaura: ...... I DON'T KNOW
mysoulisfuchsia: They just suddenly disappeared!
boyslovemyhat: May, I'm pretty sure I would have known if I took them off
that green couch: Well, you never know!
boyslovemyhat: Damn, you guys are getting it to?
lovesmythology: Oh god, don't tell me weird, freaky things are gonna start happening again.
boyslovemyhat: asfsdddddddddddaaaaaa
gymfantomatique: most fortunately, non! i am wearing a dress!
that green couch: Uh... are they made of anything special? Something that would... evaporate?
boyslovemyhat: kl;kkkkkkkass
that green couch: Oh! Maybe you didn't put pants on to begin with!
lovesmythology: What blur?
boyslovemyhat: I don't normally go around without pants, May
gymfantomatique: i am most puzzled too, Katie
that green couch: You should try it sometime, it's fairly liberating!
boyslovemyhat: I dunno, just this blur of black or something
boyslovemyhat: My shirt's gone now!
that green couch: ....
that green couch: Um...
gymfantomatique: maybe it is not happening to us in Sinnoh
lovesmythology: Are you sure it's not your screen?
hasgoldenaura: At least you have boxers on, at the moment, Brendan? :/
lovesmythology: --------?
boyslovemyhat: Okay, fess up
boyslovemyhat: Who's doing this?
that green couch: .... there's only one ninja in here
hasgoldenaura: NO CLUE, MAN.
hasgoldenaura: JANINE?
hasgoldenaura: EXPLAIN.
hsowa am i rite: Maybe you have a ghost Pokémon haunting you~~
hsowa am i rite: UWAAH. SCARY!
boyslovemyhat: Ninja girl, start explaining
mysoulisfuchsia: My pants are missing too, honestlyl!
hasgoldenaura: Morty's ghosts ARE creeps...
mysoulisfuchsia: HEY
mysoulisfuchsia: MY SOCKS
mysoulisfuchsia: WHAT ON EARTH
mysoulisfuchsia: NOW MY SOCKS ARE GONE
that green couch: .............
hsowa am i rite: Oya, oya! Scary scary!
that green couch: Okay, so there's a mysterious blur stripping Brendan, Janine, and... who else?
mysoulisfuchsia: Ethan.
hasgoldenaura: Uh. .....
that green couch: Ethan...
lovesmythology: That's a little creepy.
mysoulisfuchsia: Okay, why is it even doing this?
gymfantomatique: it is most certainement is
boyslovemyhat: Seriously, whoever's doing it better cut it out
boyslovemyhat: It's freezing in this tent
hasgoldenaura: I'm already down to nothing but my pants. It can't be me....
that green couch: ... where are you in a tent?
boyslovemyhat: Ugh, at least you have pants. I got not
hsowa am i rite: I think he meant "pitching a tent."
hasgoldenaura: But I like my jacket.
hasgoldenaura: ):
gymfantomatique: does any of you be having any Pokemons with Foresight or Odour Sleuth? it can reveal les ghost pokemons
hasgoldenaura: Typhlosion didn't take them.... hm...
that green couch: Ooh, good plan!
hasgoldenaura: UH/
hasgoldenaura: ...THERE GOES MY PANTS NOW
hasgoldenaura: DAMMIT
that green couch: So Ethan and Brendan are both fully naked now?
hasgoldenaura: ....I have my pichu boxers, still!
lovesmythology: You guys are totally making this up to freak us out, aren't you?
boyslovemyhat: May, don't think about
that green couch: ... aw, pichu.
that green couch: That's so cute.
gymfantomatique: this is an image that I am not wanting to see
hasgoldenaura: .... >3>
that green couch: I'm not thinking about anything!
that green couch: That is a very presumptuous accusation, young man.
hsowa am i rite: /snort
boyslovemyhat: I think if I wanted to freak you guys out, I would make something up like a horror movie
that green couch: Oh, please. You're terrified of horror movies.
lovesmythology: Yeah, well. You weren't here LAST TIME, okay.
hasgoldenaura: My pranks would be way more awesome than this, anyway. B<
lovesmythology: THAT was like a freaking horror movie, omigod.
fossilresearch: It does seem like a rather unlikely story to be used as a prank.
that green couch: What happened last time, Katie? D:
boyslovemyhat: Hey, but at least I can make stuff up about horror movies
hasgoldenaura: Yeah. What did I miss?
lovesmythology: OMIGOD the freaky thing!
lovesmythology: It totally started saying weird stuff, and then people disappeared!
that green couch: ... D:
gymfantomatique: quoi freaky thing?
lovesmythology: And I was the last one left and it was all "KATIE KATIE I LOVE YOU"
boyslovemyhat: A "freaky" thing took them away?
gymfantomatique: O.O! this is most horrifying!
mysoulisfuchsia: That sounds awful!
that green couch: Was it Joey?!
lovesmythology: Omigod is was the scariest thing /ever/
boyslovemyhat: Ugh, stop stop
hasgoldenaura: Agreed. ):
boyslovemyhat: Don't continue the story
boyslovemyhat: I'm already half naked out here.
that green couch: I-I'M JUST SAYING
boyslovemyhat: I don't need a horror story making me awake
hasgoldenaura: ...THERE GOOES THE BOXERS.
that green couch: Oh dear, Ethan.
lovesmythology: Y-yeah, I know but... I'm not interested.
that green couch: I hope you can get your boxers back. ):
hasgoldenaura: I liked those pichus...
hasgoldenaura: ):
fossilresearch: ....Oh, dear.
gymfantomatique: oh dear. i do not need to be visualizing a naked person
boyslovemyhat: Don't.
lovesmythology: xdklfjvhfsdjkn OMIGOD
that green couch: It could be worse! The chat could be a video conference! :-) ;
hasgoldenaura: .....
hasgoldenaura: ......
mysoulisfuchsia: ???
lovesmythology: Okay, okay, I TOTALLY GET IT.
hasgoldenaura: .....
hasgoldenaura: .....
hasgoldenaura: ....
that green couch: KATIE?!
that green couch: WHAT'S WRONG
boyslovemyhat: DID THE BLUR GET YOU TOO
that green couch: Oh no, you too!
mysoulisfuchsia: DD:
hasgoldenaura: THAT'S WHAT WE WERE SAYING!~
boyslovemyhat: See! I'm not making it up!
boyslovemyhat: Why would we even make stuff like this up?
that green couch: There is a very spooky, very perverted spirit in our midst. :(
hasgoldenaura: Green?
mysoulisfuchsia: Seriously. >_>
mysoulisfuchsia: ......
mysoulisfuchsia: it had better not be.
lovesmythology: n-not cool. I LIKED THOSE SHOES.
boyslovemyhat: If it's Green...
hasgoldenaura: you'll punch him?
that green couch: ... I'm going to ask Red if he's missing any clothes
hsowa am i rite: Green? That'd be both nefarious and impressive.
hasgoldenaura: Good idea.
lovesmythology: .................HAHAHAHAHAHA.
lovesmythology: That made losing the shoes a little more worth it.
boyslovemyhat: Ugh! Is anyone else also missing all of their extra clothes?
hasgoldenaura: I am. ):
boyslovemyhat: My bag just disappeared as well
that green couch: Janine, you haven't been teaching Green any... ninja techniques, have you?
mysoulisfuchsia: Why is it doing this, though? That's what I'm not understanding.
gymfantomatique: i am most safe at le moment
mysoulisfuchsia: I most certainly have not.
boyslovemyhat: I really don't need this right now
hsowa am i rite: I don't seem to be having this problem, either.
fossilresearch: I've yet to be affected, as well.
that green couch: Hmm! This is a mystery!
hasgoldenaura: The culprit must be a crafty son of a gun to be doing it while typing here with us....
lovesmythology: Ugh this thing is totally targeting people again.
lovesmythology: FREAKY.
hasgoldenaura: But we agree it can't be either of us.
that green couch: Oh!
boyslovemyhat: But we could agree that it could be someone's Pokemon
that green couch: Have you guys ever heard of that Pokémon who possesses electronics?
hasgoldenaura: Hm.
that green couch: ... Rotom, was it?
boyslovemyhat: Yeah, I read that somewhere
gymfantomatique: oh oui! I have most heard of it!
hasgoldenaura: I would have caught one.... if I had a pokeball on me when I saw it.
gymfantomatique: i have a Rotom in the PC box
hasgoldenaura: >B(
hasgoldenaura: ....
mysoulisfuchsia: I doubt it's the culprit though, though. :x h
boyslovemyhat: Wait wait, you actually caught one??
hsowa am i rite: I'm not sure it could do that, though.
gymfantomatique: oui! mais, it is hating me
fossilresearch: Do any of you have a pokemon that knows teleport? That could be a possibility.
hsowa am i rite: It possesses electronics, though not all of them, and I doubt it would target people's clothing.
gymfantomatique: for spoiling its fun. it wrecks les electroniques in ma gym
hasgoldenaura: Inpressive that you even saw one, since I heard they're hard to encounter, Miss Fantina.
boyslovemyhat: Hey, do you think I could study Rotom for a bit? Just for some research
that green couch: That's true...
gymfantomatique: and i have to capture it
gymfantomatique: maybe it is attracted to les ghostly energy in ma gym
gymfantomatique: oh! you are wanting to study my Rotom?
boyslovemyhat: Yea, I'll like to study it if you let me
boyslovemyhat: Just its beaviours and stuff
that green couch: ooooooh Silver's not going to be happy
that green couch: he's going to blame you, you know
boyslovemyhat: asssas;ldkkkkkkkkkkk
hasgoldenaura: He'll kill me. Or kick me out again.
hasgoldenaura: Or both.
that green couch: ):
gymfantomatique: most certainement you can!
lovesmythology: guys, this is too freaky.
boyslovemyhat: The thing took my hat!
boyslovemyhat: Ugh!
gymfantomatique: Mais, how are you getting the Rotom from moi?
boyslovemyhat: We'll meet up later or something
that green couch: Ethan, I'm coming over to your side of the house! Maybe if we both keep an eye out, we can catch the culprit!
boyslovemyhat: Ugh, my hat!
boyslovemyhat: Wait no no no no
hasgoldenaura: Not the hat. ):
boyslovemyhat: Bad idea!
hasgoldenaura: GOOD IDEA
boyslovemyhat: If you haven't forgotten, I'm going around in nothing but my boxers
boyslovemyhat: And all my extra clothes are gone
boyslovemyhat: No no no no
boyslovemyhat: You stay at your side of the house and I stay at mine
hasgoldenaura: And we'll get the clothes back before Silver even notices. >3>
that green couch: [insert video feed of the room; maybe they can catch it on camera!]
that green couch: [... chat may or may not get an eyeful of Ethan's naked oops]
that green couch: [JUST A FLASH]
boyslovemyhat: No no no!
hasgoldenaura: M-MAY!
boyslovemyhat: Take off the feed!
that green couch: I'M SORRY!
boyslovemyhat: What are you thinking May?!
that green couch: (you have nothing to be ashamed of you know)
that green couch: (arceus was um, nice to you)
gymfantomatique: OH MY EYES! they are most searing!
fossilresearch: ...oh my.
boyslovemyhat: Not now May
lovesmythology: .......u-um
hasgoldenaura: Well, at least it's on and we'll keep an eye out. B<
lovesmythology: that was....
hasgoldenaura: ......
boyslovemyhat: I'm already distressed enough
hsowa am i rite: Well. What a show tonight!
hsowa am i rite: Entertaining! /applause!
boyslovemyhat: If this is your idea of entertaining, I don't want to know exciting
fossilresearch: what an... eccentric group of kids...
hsowa am i rite: It's just a reminder of how interesting people are in times of distress.
hsowa am i rite: n_n
that green couch: ... Ethan, are those your Pichu boxers on the chandelier?
boyslovemyhat: Wait, Ethan, you actually decided take off your boxesr?
hasgoldenaura: I LOST THOSE A WHILE AGO.
boyslovemyhat: DON'T LOOK AT MY VIDEO FEED
boyslovemyhat: DON'T LOOK
that green couch: [/looks]
hsowa am i rite: /also looks 8D
hasgoldenaura: [he totally looks to see Typhlosion on the video feed/screen, sniffing at the boxers on the chandaleir. He tries to shoo it away.]
boyslovemyhat: [/boxers are so gone]
boyslovemyhat: H-HEY DON'T LOOK
boyslovemyhat: ARGHHHH
that green couch: Oh, you boys are so silly!
that green couch: It's nothing we haven't seen before, honestly.
hsowa am i rite: Saying "don't look" is the worst thing to say.
hsowa am i rite: It only makes us all the more curious~
boyslovemyhat: It doesn't mean it's not as embarrassing as before
boyslovemyhat: Wait, when have you seen us naked?!
lovesmythology: I... think I'm gonna go... um, do something else for a minute.
boyslovemyhat: Ugh...Please do
gymfantomatique: this is most distressing!
that green couch: Oh, I heard back from Red and he hasn't lost anything!
that green couch: So it can't be Green. It wouldn't make much sense.
hsowa am i rite: This is distressing? It's hilarious!
boyslovemyhat: When you start losing your clothes, tell us
boyslovemyhat: It is not hilarious at all
that green couch: ... It's kind of funny~
fossilresearch: If one of you manages to figure out what is the cause of this, I'd very much like to know. i haven't been affected, but i'm still curious.
hsowa am i rite: Mm, I'll worry about that should it happen, but I don't foresee it.
gymfantomatique: how can you be finding this hilarious? these poor boys and girls are naked! tres embarrassing pour them!
that green couch: It could be worse!
that green couch: What if this happened during a battle?
boyslovemyhat: It's only funny until you start losing your clothes May
that green couch: :(
hasgoldenaura: HOW?
boyslovemyhat: DON'T BRING THAT UP
that green couch: What if you were battling Silver and it happened?!
that green couch: Oh dear.
hsowa am i rite: Maybe you guys should consider being a bit more careful in what you say~
hsowa am i rite: It could prove to be a clothes-saver!
hasgoldenaura: Like Karma?
boyslovemyhat: What, is insulting it going to make our clothes disappear?
hsowa am i rite: Not quite. After all, you didn't insult it to begin with, did you? But it's all in what you say.
boyslovemyhat: Sorry, but I'm not in the mood for a puzzle right now
hsowa am i rite: I don't work for free!
lovesmythology: ....a-are we done with naked videos yet?
boyslovemyhat: Can someone solve the puzzle?
that green couch: [just as Katie says that, have another peek at Ethan's bits]
boyslovemyhat: I'm going to check for extra clothes
that green couch: sdkljaf;lskdja;lskj
that green couch: I'M SORRY
lovesmythology: ldkfuhadsjdlskhjfd
that green couch: I'M SORRY
boyslovemyhat: MAY
boyslovemyhat: JEEZ
boyslovemyhat: CLOSE THIS FEED NOW
fossilresearch: ...I don't know why I still have this open
hasgoldenaura: AAAAA [the feed consists of him hiding behind his Typhlosion (pseudo-censor), now.
hsowa am i rite: [Audio cuts in for just a second, so you all hear daisuke laughing]
fossilresearch: this was nothing I have ever felt the particular need to see.
gymfantomatique: oh! i need to be saving myself from the horror!
hsowa am i rite: You are all so precious! <3
boyslovemyhat: [Brendan is just in the middle of facepalming seriously]
that green couch: So... has anyone lost something in the meantime?
that green couch: Janine! Are you doing okay?
hasgoldenaura: She and Katie seem safe enough.
lovesmythology: Are we man-bit free yet?
that green couch: Yyyyes, sorry about that, Katie;;
mysoulisfuchsia: ... sorry, I was trying to find my pants and socks.
mysoulisfuchsia: I'm... all right now.
hasgoldenaura: [stays behind Typhlosion. Don't you worry.]
lovesmythology: It's okay! I just... that's a bit awkward.
boyslovemyhat: Guess if the ninja isn't safe, then we aren't either
lovesmythology: I'm sorry for looking, guys. Really!
hasgoldenaura: It.... can't be helped.
hsowa am i rite: Amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing!!
gymfantomatique: you seem to be taking delight in the misery of others
that green couch: Yes, you do seem to be enjoying this, Daisuke...
boyslovemyhat: Is there something we need to know?
hsowa am i rite: I'm sorry, really. It's not often I'm in the company of such interesting people.
hasgoldenaura: Um... Thanks?
hasgoldenaura: :/
hsowa am i rite: I really, really love people who are so interesting.
that green couch: Um.
lovesmythology: Maybe I should just.... sign off or something. >_>
boyslovemyhat: Interesting as in our distress or do you have something else to say?
that green couch: Ethan, do you own a thong?
hasgoldenaura: .....
hasgoldenaura: Where. did. you. see. it?
hsowa am i rite: Just... interesting. Not particularly at your distress, though reactionary responses do make for an interesting experience.
that green couch: ... um, I think it's in the oven.
lovesmythology: .........
hasgoldenaura: H-huh?!
boyslovemyhat: First boxers on the chandaliers and thongs in the oven
boyslovemyhat: Ethan, are you setting this up?
hasgoldenaura: No, man! Honest. ]
hasgoldenaura: Agh!
mysoulisfuchsia: How could he be?
hsowa am i rite: Here it goes again.
that green couch: Oh, this is a nice thong!
hasgoldenaura: They were just in the oven and now they aren't there anymore.
hasgoldenaura: HEY
lovesmythology: Why were your clothes in the oven?
hasgoldenaura: HOW SHOULD I KNOW?
boyslovemyhat: WELL ITS YOUR CLOTHES
lovesmythology: wsdfergthyjgfds
that green couch: I found one just like it in Green's house the other day.
mysoulisfuchsia: ........
hasgoldenaura: ....
boyslovemyhat: May, stop
hasgoldenaura: Oh sweet Ho oh....
boyslovemyhat: Don't go any further
that green couch: Huh?
mysoulisfuchsia: Please, May. >_>
lovesmythology: >______________>
hsowa am i rite: Oya, oya~
hasgoldenaura: I'm desperate. I stole the spare clothes Lyra left here.
boyslovemyhat: Do any of you guys have some spare clothes for me? I seriously can't find any of my own
that green couch: (@Ethan Oh goodness, you look so cute in that!)
that green couch: Brendan, if you'd like I can bring out some clothes for you.
that green couch: Most of Silver's clothing is gone though. There's only a few really nice dresses in the last wardrobe.
boyslovemyhat: Yeah...That'll be gre
boyslovemyhat: Isn't there anything else?
that green couch: .... a garbage bag?
hasgoldenaura: I think I have another pair of Lyra's clothes if you want those. Before they vanish, too....? :/
boyslovemyhat: Can you ask Red if I can borrow any clothes? I'll like to still have my pride intact
boyslovemyhat: I'll like to try wearing girl clothes at a very last option
lovesmythology: Thsi is wearing me out
lovesmythology: ...............
lovesmythology: ;sdlfguskjsHJFHSDJGHSD
that green couch: I would, but he's out of town!
lovesmythology: OMG BRB PFODGHJDJ
that green couch: I don't have the key to his house and I'm not sure we want to break in.
hasgoldenaura: WHAT'S WRONG?
boyslovemyhat: Oh God, it her too
that green couch: ... Katieeeee D:
hsowa am i rite: Hm~ The pattern continues.
lovesmythology: M-MY SHIRT
gymfantomatique: OH MON ARCEUS!
gymfantomatique: Do you need protection?? Are you in Hearthome City?
gymfantomatique: i can come over with my clothes!
lovesmythology: Omigod, Fantina, that'dreally hel-f0goijnm
boyslovemyhat: Ugh, seriously, I think I'll just go with the garbage bag instead of girl clothes
hsowa am i rite: Again, again!
hasgoldenaura: AGH. NOW THESE CLOTHES ARE GONE. Hope Lyra won't kill me.
gymfantomatique: please be waiting pour moi! i am rushing over with a spare set of clothes! and my team of pokemon
lovesmythology: /sobs
lovesmythology: th-thank you, Fantina
boyslovemyhat: I have some garbage bags if you want, Ethan
hasgoldenaura: Down with it... if that doesn't vanish, too.
boyslovemyhat: Hold on, I'll bring them over
that green couch: Oh, you poor boys.
that green couch: I'll run over to Green's and see if he's willing to help! Be back in a bit.
that green couch: [video feed finally cuts out]
Tags: *aim, *crack
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