May (verdoyant) wrote,


gymfantomatique: [live video feed showing fantina with an armful of clothes running towards the pokemon centre, along with her team of ghost pokemon. drifblim seem to be the one controlling the PNG, using her psychic abilities]
hsowa am i rite: This chat has been far more interesting than I could have ever imagined
hasgoldenaura: :/
mysoulisfuchsia: Hahaha. I would imagine so.
fossilresearch: It has been rather interesting, in a strange way.
lovesmythology: [Katie is just in the Pokemon center with her purse pressed to her chest]
hsowa am i rite: I can't say I expected it
boyslovemyhat: [Brendan walking around around in a large black garbage bag is making his way towards Ethan's place. He's also wearing a bag over his hat. He leaves a few bags in front of the door, knocks, then heads back. He doesn't need Ethan to see him like this.]
boyslovemyhat: [bag over his hair*]
hsowa am i rite: I wonder if anyone will figure it out.
mysoulisfuchsia: ...
gymfantomatique: [Fatina reached the Pokemon centre and hands the clothes over to Katie. Screen goes black...]
hasgoldenaura: [Ethan very much appreciates it as he hapilly takes it and puts it on. He also misses his hat. ):..]
that green couch: Okay guys! I'm back!
hasgoldenaura: HUH?
that green couch: Green was out so I just took all of his clothes. I hope he doesn't mind.
lovesmythology: brb, guys
hasgoldenaura: OH BOY!
that green couch: I'll leave some on the lawn for you, Brendan!
lovesmythology: [/disappears to go put on the clothes that Fantina gave her... and thank her profusely]
hasgoldenaura: BRENDAN. WE'RE SAVED.
boyslovemyhat: ABOUT TIME TOO
that green couch: ... huh, I'm pretty sure this is Red's vest. Wonder what that was doing in Green's closet.
boyslovemyhat: Thanks May. I appreciate it
that green couch: No problem~!
boyslovemyhat: ...Y'know, less sharing, more bringing clothes other
lovesmythology: Omigod, Fantina is my hero
mysoulisfuchsia: ... I'm going to go and try to find where my pants and socks went off to. I'm off for the night.
hsowa am i rite: Goodnight~~
mysoulisfuchsia: Hopefully no... slip ups will happen again.
gymfantomatique: It is most alright, ma chere
mysoulisfuchsia: Good night, everyone.
hasgoldenaura: [Ethan is totally confused about some of Red's clothes being in this pile, but he ends up wearing Red's jacket and Green's pants. Ah, clothes~. Hope they last....]
that green couch: Night, Janine!
hasgoldenaura: G-Good night, Janine....
that green couch: Stay wafe!
boyslovemyhat: G'night.
gymfantomatique: bonsoir
boyslovemyhat: Watch out for that blur
that green couch: ... oh no, my wizard hat is gone.
that green couch: I really liked that hat!
lovesmythology: Wizard hat?
boyslovemyhat: Wizard hat?
lovesmythology: Hivemind!
mysoulisfuchsia has left the room.
that green couch: Um, you know! The hats wizards wear.
that green couch: It's pointy and purple and has stars on it.
that green couch: I'm fond of it!
that green couch: But now it's gone. :(
boyslovemyhat: Yeah, I know about it, but
boyslovemyhat: Y'know, nevermind
lovesmythology: I know what a wizard hat is, I just... didn't know you had one?
hsowa am i rite: It disappeared? How magical~
that green couch: I have a lot of hats! I have the cutest Lotad one and a really cool feathered Ho-oh one.
lovesmythology: Omigod, super cute!
lovesmythology: Where did you get them?
hasgoldenaura: Huh. I only have a Pikachu hat. Mind if I see your collection, sometime?
that green couch: A lot of the big tourist towns have special shops where you can get them! Pastoria City, Lilycove, Cerulean...
hasgoldenaura: I think Silver kept a Teddiursa one. Secretly. B)
boyslovemyhat: [All in his garbage bag glory, Brennan runs out to the lawn, picks up the clothes and heads back to the tent. Wait...why is there a red cap here? He didn't know Green wore caps. Oh well, clothes are clothes.]
lovesmythology: Y'know, I really never thought to look!
lovesmythology: I'm a shame to all hat-lovers!
lovesmythology: ;_;
boyslovemyhat: Much better. Thanks for the clothes, May
boyslovemyhat: Though when did Green ever wear a cap?
that green couch: Most of my hats are at home in Petalburg, Ethan, but you are welcome to visit anytime~ <3
gymfantomatique: Moi aussi. I have never developed a fondness for hats
hasgoldenaura: You'll learn the ways of the hats, soon enough, Katie. ;)
boyslovemyhat: Man, I hope my hat comes back. I really liked that one
lovesmythology: They're not for everyone! I really can't imagine not always wearing a hat though.
lovesmythology: I love my hats!
hasgoldenaura: Me too. I'm mroe sad I lost my hat than my clothes... ):
hasgoldenaura: ....OH NO
that green couch: My bandana is the most comfortable headgear, I've found~ It really keeps your hair out of your face but it doesn't get too hot in the sun.
hsowa am i rite: Again, again!
hsowa am i rite: The pattern has yet to break!
boyslovemyhat: ...Guys, I think I'm starting to see a pattern here
hasgoldenaura: AGH AGH AGH. THE CLOTHES. [goes to look for more fromt he Green/Red pile.]
hsowa am i rite: It's beautiful! Wonderful! Entertaining!
that green couch: [That Green/Red pile.]
hasgoldenaura: [....leave me aloooone. |D]
boyslovemyhat: [Oh bb, you better share that Green/Red pile with us]
that green couch: A pattern?!
that green couch: Share, Brendan!
hasgoldenaura: Really?
boyslovemyhat: Yeah, look at Ethan's message before he lost his clothes a minute ago
boyslovemyhat: See that typo?
hasgoldenaura: ....
boyslovemyhat: I guess it's either that or this blur really hats hats
hsowa am i rite: Smart! The boy is smart! Ahahaha, this is fantastic!
lovesmythology: hats hats?
boyslovemyhat: MY CAP
hasgoldenaura: YOU MEAN RED'S CAP.
boyslovemyhat: WHATEVER
that green couch: I hope that's not Red's only cap!
boyslovemyhat: But you see that pattern?
boyslovemyhat: Either it's a typo or it hates hats
boyslovemyhat: I say a bit of both
that green couch: [Nevermind that if Red leaves all his clothes in Green's closet, he's uh. Somewhere naked.]
hasgoldenaura: Then him and Silver will kill me...
hsowa am i rite: Mister Brendan is a smart cookie, I'd say.
boyslovemyhat: Y'know, it'll be your fault of that was Red's last hat, May
hsowa am i rite: Scroll back up, and you'll see.
gymfantomatique: I advise that we should be most careful in typing our words, oui?
that green couch: You're the one who put it on!
that green couch: I only grabbed whatever I could carry.
boyslovemyhat: Y'know, Daisuke, you could have saved us the trouble and just told us instead of all this puzzle stuff
boyslovemyhat: Well, you knew I was going to put it on!
gymfantomatique: you are certainement most suspicious
hsowa am i rite: Like I said, my services aren't free. I never agreed to share my findings~
that green couch: Why should I know that?!
hsowa am i rite: Besides, isn't it more fun to figure it out?
hasgoldenaura: :/
that green couch: You could have put on this fruitbowl hat instead!
boyslovemyhat: Hey! I have pride y'know!
boyslovemyhat: And no, this is not funner, Daisuke
that green couch: You can be plenty proud with a fruitbowl hat. I mean, you're kind of a fruitbowl yourself.
hsowa am i rite: Mm, I'll keep that in mind for future reference. I can't know unless I'm told, after all.
lovesmythology: /chokes
boyslovemyhat: Low blow May. Are you still hung up about that?
boyslovemyhat: It was months ago!
that green couch: Hey, I'm not hung up about anything!
that green couch: slkdjfa;lskj
that green couch: Brendan can you not talk about that here please
boyslovemyhat: Hey, you're the one that brought it up
boyslovemyhat: Calling me a "fruitbowl" and everything
lovesmythology: I feel like I shouldn't be reading this or something.
that green couch: That is completely unrelated!
lovesmythology: So ah. Gonna go check on Haha for a second.
boyslovemyhat: It is so related!
that green couch: Is not!
boyslovemyhat: You can't make any excuses!
boyslovemyhat: Just how more clear could that get?
boyslovemyhat: Fruitbowl
boyslovemyhat: FRUITBOWL
that green couch: Please, I'm making excuses? You're the king of excuses!
boyslovemyhat: I'm the king of excuses?
hsowa am i rite: Now, now now. I don't think a domestic dispute in chat is a very good idea, you too.
hasgoldenaura: Maybe she just meant you were fabulously diverse and open in personality when she said that?
hsowa am i rite: two*.
that green couch: See, Ethan gets it!
gymfantomatique: Mes chers Brendan and May. Please be calming down
boyslovemyhat: Just name three excuses for me to get that name
hsowa am i rite: Oh, well. Hmph. It seems I've caught myself in a situation~
hasgoldenaura: ...huh? How?
boyslovemyhat: Ugh, now Ethan backing you up?
that green couch: I'm sorry, Fantina.
lovesmythology: guuuuuuuuuuuuuyyyys stop fightingggggg ;_;
that green couch: ... I'm sorry, Katie. :(
boyslovemyhat: C'mon May, I thought you'll go down with pride and not tricks like these
boyslovemyhat: Ugh, yeah
gymfantomatique: non non. I am not wishing for you to mar your beautiful friendship, oui?
boyslovemyhat: We'll discuss this some other time
lovesmythology: ._.
hasgoldenaura: x:
boyslovemyhat: ....Hey May, do you think you could bring over that fruitbowl hat?
hsowa am i rite: Oh well. It's a nice night. A shirt isn't too problematic.
that green couch: Okay.
boyslovemyhat: Thanks
lovesmythology: Man, it's good a lot of people are missing this.
lovesmythology: It's way too weird.
hasgoldenaura: I-Indeed....
boyslovemyhat: Yeah. Did something like thist happen to you guys before?
lovesmythology: Besides, I don't think I'd want to know if some people were losing their clothes and stuff.
boyslovemyhat: Other than that horror one
lovesmythology: Not that I've seen!
that green couch: [video feed of Ethan/May/Brendan on the dining table.]
that green couch: [--I mean]
boyslovemyhat: [Oh bb]
findingmylegs has entered the room.
that green couch: Hi, there! Simon, right?
lovesmythology: ....Simon!
findingmylegs: Ah, yes! Hello, everyone!
lovesmythology: How are you??
findingmylegs: I'm doing well. Are you feeling better? :D
lovesmythology: Mm, much!
lovesmythology: Thank you, again.
gymfantomatique: ahh bonjour!
fossilresearch has left the room.
findingmylegs: Of course. ^^
gymfantomatique: who is this that I am talking to?
boyslovemyhat: Hey. You probably entered at the worst moment
hasgoldenaura: Hello, newcomer. Picked a decent time to enter
boyslovemyhat: Well, worst night to say
hasgoldenaura: I guess.
that green couch: I think the worst moment would be either of the times the camera was on Ethan...
lovesmythology: That's Simon, everyone! He's really cool.
hsowa am i rite: Oya, oya.
hsowa am i rite: It was a sight.
boyslovemyhat: Do not say another word of that moment
that green couch: :x
hasgoldenaura: ....
boyslovemyhat: Oh hey, May. Did you bring over the fruitbowl hat?
that green couch: Yes, it's right here!
findingmylegs: I... am very much confused, but glad to meet you all ^^
that green couch: Oh, I think that's a fresh banana!
boyslovemyhat: Thanks
that green couch: [she takes it]
gymfantomatique: ahh bonjour Simon! Je m'appelle Fantina
that green couch: [nomnom]
gymfantomatique: I am la gym leader de l'Hearthome Gym!
boyslovemyhat: [Brendan swipes the hat and places it on before May eats any more]
boyslovemyhat: Nice to meet ya. I'm Brendan
hasgoldenaura: Don't think we met, either, Simon. The name's Ethan. :)
lovesmythology: How's Kanto treating you, Simon?
findingmylegs: Oh! Yes, Katie was speaking of you, Fantina. Hello, Brendan.
findingmylegs: It's been mostly decent. I was hoping to move along pretty quickly, but I need to challenge Misty again.
lovesmythology: I'm sure you'll do great!
gymfantomatique: Ahhh! It looks like you are a good friend of chere Katie, oui?
findingmylegs: Oh, well... yes. ^^
gymfantomatique: Ahhh Misty de Cerulean Gym, oui? I had le opportunity to speak with her whilst on my journey in Kanto. She is a most capable gym leader, oui?
findingmylegs: She is. I've already lost to her once.
gymfantomatique: I am not at all surprised. Her water pokemons are strong. I have always admired les water pokemons, especially in Contests. They are tres elegant!
findingmylegs: I just have to form a new strategy. But enough about me. ^^;
lovesmythology: Don't be so modest, Simon! You'll do great!
gymfantomatique: Ahh oui. That is most important. Learn from your mistakes, and I am sure you will do well, oui?
findingmylegs: I hope so. :D
boyslovemyhat: Hey, hold on. I think one of the fruit in this fruitbowl hat is rotten
findingmylegs: A fruitbowl hat?
lovesmythology: It's a long story.
lovesmythology: Just... um. Be careful when you type.
gymfantomatique: Oui, Katie would be correct. Les typing mistakes will cause you to lose clothes
findingmylegs: o.o Um... alright.
findingmylegs: Clothes? What? Why?
lovesmythology: We don't know, but it's super freaky.
lovesmythology: And super embarrassing. .///.
gymfantomatique: I do wonder what is in this PNG that causes such strange events.
findingmylegs: Y-yes. It seems like it.
gymfantomatique: Perhaps I should be making some enquiries to Silph Co, oui?
hsowa am i rite: Perhaps it's connected to that post a couple of weeks ago about Team Rocket?
gymfantomatique: Team Rocket? Qu'est-ce que c'est?
findingmylegs: Team Rocket? Didn't they disband? I heard about that a while ago...
hasgoldenaura: From what I can remmeber, yeah...
hasgoldenaura: ..
hsowa am i rite: They did, but someone posted recently that they saw some people in Rocket-like uniforms were seen going into the Silph building in Saffron.
findingmylegs: Oh, yes, I remember that.
hsowa am i rite: If they're up to something, I wouldn't put it past them as a distraction tactic.
hasgoldenaura: Hm...
hsowa am i rite: They're quite shady, after all~
lovesmythology: ugh... I really hope not.
gymfantomatique: I only know of le Team Galactic, but our wonderful Dawn put an end to that, oui? Can anyone tell me about this Team Rocket?
boyslovemyhat has left the room.
lovesmythology: They were... a super, super gross team of crazy Pokemon thieves.
findingmylegs: They were troublemakers. All over the news for a while. I didn't know much about them because I was so far out of the way, but we still got bits and pieces of it in Hoenn
hsowa am i rite: Ah. Similar to Team Galactic, though a bit less selfish take over the world crazy.
hasgoldenaura: Pretty much. They disdanded, came back again, and were disbanded again. ....:/
lovesmythology: God, I never want to deal with Team Rocket again. It was the WORST living in Viridian during their reign.
gymfantomatique: and that was happening in Kanto?
hasgoldenaura: And Johto.
lovesmythology: Yeah. Their leader used to be the Gym Leader in Viridian City a long while back.
lovesmythology: That's... gotta be close to ten years ago, now.
gymfantomatique: c'est most terrible! les pokemon thieves are beasts!
gymfantomatique: and you say there have been some sightings?
boyslovemyhat has entered the room.
hasgoldenaura: From what we're hearing. We can only hope it is a rumor?
hsowa am i rite: That's what was said. I believe the person's name was Testu.
hsowa am i rite: Tetsu, rather.
hsowa am i rite: A blur, a blur~
hsowa am i rite: Oya oya, there it goes again.
that green couch: ... You just lost something, Daisuke?
boyslovemyhat: Back, and yeah, there was some rotten apple or something the fuitbowl
hsowa am i rite: If you're so curious, I'm now without pants.
hsowa am i rite: But don't worry, I'll spare you a show!
boyslovemyhat: Just how old is this fruitbowl anyway, May?
gymfantomatique: I do hope that it is le prank/costume of some people, oui?
hsowa am i rite: We can only hope~
boyslovemyhat: Man, is that blur thing still going on?
findingmylegs: asdghfj
hsowa am i rite: It most certainly is.
findingmylegs: 5eutklhl;.
gymfantomatique: it would be most horrible if this Team Rocket would to form again, just like it is most horrible if le Team Galactic would to reappear.
lovesmythology: ....? Simon?
findingmylegs: Sorry, guys, the-
hasgoldenaura: Fruithats are pretty old-school to begin with, Brendan. Should be fairly old.
boyslovemyhat: And you thought it was fine for me to wear it?
findingmylegs: asdhknmwegsokfasd;mkljgh'
hasgoldenaura: ?
findingmylegs: 'dfyugkhgdlnfas
lovesmythology: ...Simon?!
lovesmythology: What's wrong?!
findingmylegs: Sorry, sorry, there's-adsghfjk
boyslovemyhat: Ugh, sorry, some tomato juice dropped in my eye
lovesmythology: ..............?
boyslovemyhat: Thought you were May
that green couch: You don't really need to wear a hat to begin with, Brendan...
boyslovemyhat: But I feel better with one
hasgoldenaura: I feel naked without my hat. ):
boyslovemyhat: [chucks off fruitbowl and puts garbage bag back on]
boyslovemyhat: See, Ethan knows what I'm talking about here
that green couch: Oh, you boys.
lovesmythology: Yeah, I know the feeling.
lovesmythology: The hat is vital!
boyslovemyhat: See? Maybe if you lost that headband, then you'll know how it feels
that green couch: I'm not wearing it right now, you doof.
boyslovemyhat: Well, excuse me that I can't see what you're wearing or not
that green couch: ... It'd be kiiiind of creepy if you could.
lovesmythology: H-hey, Simon? Is everything okay over there?
boyslovemyhat: Yeah, exactly.
boyslovemyhat: And don't bring video feed back up. I really don't need that right now
findingmylegs: Whew. Sorry, but Rivenn thought it would be a good idea to play. .////.
that green couch: I'm glad to hear you're okay, Simon!
lovesmythology: Oh...! Well, as long as you're okay.
that green couch: I didn't see you typo, so I didn't think you'd gotten naked.
lovesmythology: You sounded pretty distressed
that green couch: [/plants naked!Simon images in Katie's head]
findingmylegs: Rivenn got aholg of my PNG.
lovesmythology: [/dies a little]
lovesmythology: ........
that green couch: [I love you Chex.]
that green couch: .... uh oh.
findingmylegs: o/////o
findingmylegs: Uh. Hang on.
gymfantomatique: oh dear. have you lost some clothings?
hsowa am i rite: Looks like someone else is a winner tonight!
boyslovemyhat: Oh man, and I thought we had this blur thing under control
lovesmythology: I... guess not.
findingmylegs: [conveniently placed, ah... blanket]
lovesmythology: [/.s,kdmjfhj]
lovesmythology: You okay, Simno?
lovesmythology: ...FUCKMJDHGY
lovesmythology: brb again guys, I... yeah
gymfantomatique: do not be worrying, Katie. Let me just home and get more clothings
that green couch: ..............
findingmylegs: o//////////o
gymfantomatique: [Dusknoir moves in to protect Katie and her decency]
that green couch: K-Katie! You might want to turn that off!
hsowa am i rite: WHAT A SHOW!
boyslovemyhat: [Guess who's a;sldksjf his screen right now?]
lovesmythology: ....
lovesmythology: LPOKDFJHGDUJHBSD
lovesmythology: OMIGOD
lovesmythology: OMIGOD
findingmylegs: Oh, dear. Katie, ah-
lovesmythology: OMIGOD
lovesmythology: [/turns it off. is definitely crying tears of humilation]
hasgoldenaura: U-UH....
hsowa am i rite: ne, ne!
hasgoldenaura: [like a trainwreck, he..... knows he should have pulled his eyes away but he didn't.. I'M SORRY, KATIE. 8D;;;]
boyslovemyhat: Well....if it makes you feel any better, Ethan pretty much got the same humiliation....
gymfantomatique: [is comforting Katie, and going "shhhh shhh.... it is most okay. you have me and mes pokemons"]
findingmylegs: [simon has the decency to be a gentleman]
that green couch: It's not that bad, Katie!
that green couch: You could have been wearing nothing at all!
lovesmythology: [/gladly accepting Fantina's comfort]
lovesmythology: ...It's bad enough! I... come on, I try to be decent, y'know!
gymfantomatique: do you want to be coming back to the gym with moi?
boyslovemyhat: Hey, accidents happen.
that green couch: [was it a lacy sexy bra or a fullcoverage one]
lovesmythology: [lacy and sexy, of course]
gymfantomatique: there will be plenty of clothes there, oui?
that green couch: [B)]
lovesmythology: N-no, it's okay, Fantina. I have clothes back in my room! It's really no trouble at all.
gymfantomatique: let me send Dusknoir to protect you while you go back to your room, oui?
lovesmythology: Y-yeah, thanks. That'll help... because this is just bad.
that green couch: [Hmm. Big burly Dusknoir following a little girl in a bra.]
lovesmythology: I don't need all of Hearthome seeing me walk around in my bra. :|
boyslovemyhat: [Get that mind out of the gutters >BC]
that green couch: :(
lovesmythology: Geeze, this is ridiculous.
that green couch: It's such a mystery, too. Even if we have the typo thing figured out, what's doing it? Just what exactly is this blur?
hsowa am i rite: I still think it's something shady. I'm not sure I trust Silph Co, right now.
hasgoldenaura: Me either. :/
that green couch: But why target clothes...?
boyslovemyhat: Well, let's just focus on not making any typos now.
boyslovemyhat: That's hard enough to focus on while chatting
hsowa am i rite: Distraction. Let's just say that Team Rocket is behind this -
boyslovemyhat: And I guess clothes becasue the blur is some pervert
hsowa am i rite: You typo, lose your clothes... and where do they go? Are your Pokeballs attached?
findingmylegs: [simon is beyond the need to not typo. what does it take after all the clothes are gone?]
hsowa am i rite: Maybe they're sitting by, waiting.
boyslovemyhat: [asldfjsd;l THERE GOES HIS SHIRT AGAIN GODDAMN]
boyslovemyhat: ;as;ldfjkdls;
boyslovemyhat: ...May, do you have an extra shirts from Green?
hsowa am i rite: You get so distracted by the loss of clothes, you don't notice that your Pokémon are gone until it's too late.
hsowa am i rite: It seems convoluted enough to be Team Rocket.
boyslovemyhat: [ffffff Typos everywhere fffff there goes his pants again. Man, I suck at this ;A;]
that green couch: Yes, I think there's a Morning Musume shirt left.
boyslovemyhat: ...and any extra pants?
that green couch: ... I'm not sure why he has a Morning Musume shirt.
hasgoldenaura: [Ethan's naked, by now, since I forgot he typo'd. so it's ok. I fail, too. ffff]
that green couch: Uh... oh!
that green couch: There's a pair of puffy pants.
that green couch: I'll leave them by the door for you.
boyslovemyhat: Yeah, thanks...
lovesmythology: ...Puffy pants?
lovesmythology: Like. Hammer pants?
boyslovemyhat: Why does Green have these clothes anyway??
that green couch: They're all the rage right now, apparently!
that green couch: Maybe they're left over from his ex-girlfriends?
lovesmythology: ...ew.
boyslovemyhat: Does Green even have any ex-girlfriends?
that green couch: Um, more than you'd think.
hasgoldenaura: Wouldn't be surprised if he did.
that green couch: He has a lot of fangirls, you know.
boyslovemyhat: Yeah, y'know what?
boyslovemyhat: I think I'll just drop that topic now
lovesmythology: Do they count as girlfriends if he just sleeps with them?
that green couch: ..... good point.
that green couch: Isn't he going out with Ayane now though?
lovesmythology: ...WHAT?
lovesmythology: IS HE?
that green couch: They sure flirt a lo--... um.
that green couch: I don't know for sure!
hasgoldenaura: I don't know. He also seems to spend time with Janine a lot, lately.
lovesmythology: I guess it's not that surprising but...
that green couch: Oh, he'd better not be two-timing them!
that green couch: That's not fair to Janine at all!
hasgoldenaura: I know!
hasgoldenaura: ):
lovesmythology: Seriously. Janine is actually nice.
that green couch: ):
hasgoldenaura: She sure is...
that green couch: She really is.
findingmylegs: She did seem like it when she was here before.
boyslovemyhat: Man, you guys really keep up with all the gossip around here
lovesmythology: [This is just about where Katie realizes she's talking about this without feeling upset or jealous about it]
hasgoldenaura: May, let's... do something to him if he DOES end up cheating with her.
findingmylegs: [*grin*]
hasgoldenaura: B(
hsowa am i rite: Nefarious~
lovesmythology: If he two-timed Janine, Koga would probably kill him.
lovesmythology: In his sleep.
hasgoldenaura: Oh yeah. Hahaha.
hasgoldenaura: 8D
lovesmythology: n___n!
hasgoldenaura: And have the decency to clean the murder-site and dispose of the body.
that green couch: Leeet's not tell Koga about this, then!
lovesmythology: He'd probably find out anyway
lovesmythology: He... kind of has people watching stuff all the time.
lovesmythology: [/knows this from experience]
that green couch: [lmao]
that green couch: Oh! I wonder if they know anything about Team Rocket's plans then!
lovesmythology: Oh! Wow, maybe!
hsowa am i rite: How clever. We should ask.
that green couch: I'm sure the league's on to it if they truly are up to something.
gymfantomatique: perhaps I could be asking him when I go visit the League castle sometime next week, oui?
hasgoldenaura: Would be a good idea, miss Fantina. :3
that green couch: Although by that same logic, I haven't heard anything from Green, who would've heard something from Red, who definitely would be told if Rocket were up to no good.
hsowa am i rite: That's if anyone knows yet.
hasgoldenaura: Hm...
that green couch: True! We don't know if they found anything tonight.
gymfantomatique: it is most excellente that they have the league exchange. I have been wanting to consult him on poison pokemon. I seem to have having a hard time lately countering them with mes pokemons.
hsowa am i rite: I guess we'll see~
hsowa am i rite: However, it's getting late. It's been a pleasure!
hsowa am i rite has left the room.
that green couch: ...
lovesmythology: ...Um.
that green couch: Bye?
lovesmythology: He's a bit weird, huh?
boyslovemyhat: That was a fast exit
hasgoldenaura: Sure was.. :/
that green couch: ... You got that vibe too, huh?
that green couch: Hmm...
gymfantomatique: yes. he is most suspicious to moi
lovesmythology: He sure seemed to have some idea about this typo thing too.
findingmylegs: He seemed pretty nice to me...
findingmylegs: [oblivious!Simon is go]
that green couch: I wonder what he's like in person.
lovesmythology: He was super weird, Simon.
hasgoldenaura: Not that interested in knowing him in person.
hasgoldenaura: x:
gymfantomatique: me neither. he doesn't seem very much pleasant to moi
that green couch: But if he knows something...
lovesmythology: He may not be that bad. I mean, weird, yeah. But it's kind of hard to tell through a chat.
that green couch: At the very least, he seemed very clever. He figured things out before we did.
hasgoldenaura: No offense to anyone who got eggs from hiom, but shady character is shady.
hasgoldenaura: ....Good point.
that green couch: He could be a valuable person to have on our good side.
lovesmythology: Yeah. I mean. He could be on their side... but I didn't get THAT sort of vibe
gymfantomatique: but he did say that he only works for rewards, oui?
lovesmythology: He kept talking about not working for -- yeah, that.
lovesmythology: Maybe he's like a secret agent or something!
gymfantomatique: c'est most suspicious. or most greedy.
lovesmythology: If it's his job, it'd kind of make sense
lovesmythology: I mean, who works for free? Unless you're volunteering
that green couch: Ecruteak...
that green couch: It might be worth it to get in contact with Morty and see if he's heard of this Daisuke.
gymfantomatique: oui, i agree.
lovesmythology: Oh, good idea!
hasgoldenaura: Good idea.
hasgoldenaura: I could, if you guys liked.
that green couch: That would be great, Ethan!
hasgoldenaura: :)
that green couch: Once you put some clothes on, of course.
gymfantomatique: do let us know, oui?
hasgoldenaura: Of course-
lovesmythology: Tonight's wearing me out. Geeze.
hasgoldenaura: ... Yeah. Like I'd fly on Flygon naked to Ecruteak.
lovesmythology: you could just call him over the PNG, Ethan?
that green couch: [Ethan flying on Ho-oh nakedly to Ecruteak.]
findingmylegs: Are you tired, Katie? Maybe you should rest.
hasgoldenaura: Yeah, I could. :3
hasgoldenaura: [...FFFFF.]
lovesmythology: I'm okay, Simon. I'm not that tired.
that green couch: [8D]
gymfantomatique: [BIRD. *smirks*]
lovesmythology: Totally unrelated, but I think I'm gonna come back to Kanto next month and do something big for my birthday!
that green couch: Oh wow!
that green couch: When's your birthday, Katie?
lovesmythology: October 28th. And it's a big one - 18, after all!
that green couch: eeee that's great!
that green couch: You're growing up so fast.
hasgoldenaura: 18, huh? Hope that turns out good. :)
gymfantomatique: c'est fantastique!
lovesmythology: jsdjsjksd, I guess!
that green couch: [May will get Katie a vibrator.]
that green couch: [I mean.]
lovesmythology: It'd be nice to get to see everyone again, though!
lovesmythology: [smddjgfhj HHAHAHA]
hasgoldenaura: [FFFF.]
that green couch: [SHE'S LEGAL NOW OKAY]
that green couch: I'll have to think of something really awesome to get you~!
lovesmythology: It's weird. I used to go months without seeing everyone, but since we got the PNGs, I just want to see everyone more than ever!
that green couch: I know what you mean! I really like that we can get together in chats like this and over the network.
lovesmythology: So I thought doing something big would be fun. Rent out some space and just do something awesome!
findingmylegs: Is there anything scheduled for Hallow's Eve?
lovesmythology: Right? I feel closer to everyone... I've met so many people I wouldn't have otherwise. ?
findingmylegs: It may be fun to do something for that, as well.
lovesmythology: Oh... I don't know. But that would be fun!
lovesmythology: Hey, maybe we can have a theme party then!
lovesmythology: Like costumes, or a masquerade or something.
gymfantomatique: AHA! j'adore les costume party! and masquerades!
findingmylegs: Costumes? Oh! I haven't dressed up in forever! My father and I used to go trick-or-treating.
lovesmythology: That's so cute, Simon.
lovesmythology: I'll talk to dad about it - maybe we'll Halloween theme it in Lavender or something!
boyslovemyhat: [ Oh you guys and your chats~ I'm working on that app right now, so I'll be MIA for a bit from this chat. Brendan could be doing something like reading porn or something /shrugs ]
hasgoldenaura: In Lavender town, even? I like where this is going.
hasgoldenaura: [FFFF.]
hasgoldenaura: [GOOD LUCK. *working on Whitney app*]
lovesmythology: Wouldn't it be cool?
hasgoldenaura: Damn straight.
findingmylegs: [still waiting for secondary series to open so Kellyn or Keith could be app'd]
findingmylegs: That sounds really fun!
lovesmythology: :D of course, you're all invited ??
findingmylegs: ^^ I really look forward to it!
lovesmythology: I'm glad! It wouldn't be the same if you didn't come!
findingmylegs: :D
lovesmythology: 8D
that green couch: ... Ethan, did you hear that?
hasgoldenaura: ...-huh?
hasgoldenaura: [he's looking around offscreen, even.]
that green couch: I think I just heard a door close upstairs. But Silver hasn't come back yet, has he?
hasgoldenaura: ....No. He said he woudn't he here tonight.
that green couch: ... Um, I'm going to check it out.
hasgoldenaura: M-My pokemon are downstairs before you assume or ask anything. B(
hasgoldenaura: ...My bat is under my bed.
that green couch: I'll take Blaziken with me, don't worry.
hasgoldenaura: H SCREW THIS I'LL COME TOO
hasgoldenaura: DFVDFKJ
that green couch: [sdlkfajsdlkaj what]
lovesmythology: Urk, it's getting late. I should go to bed. Hopefully tomorrow the chat won't be freaky and weird!
hasgoldenaura: [He doesn't wanna be alone now. fff.]
that green couch: [FFFFFFF]
that green couch: Good night, Katie!
that green couch: <3
hasgoldenaura: G-Good night!
gymfantomatique: Oui. Moi aussi. It is time to return to ma gym
gymfantomatique: now that chere Katie is safe again
that green couch: Okay, goodbye, Fantina!
hasgoldenaura: Nice talking to ya, Fantina.
lovesmythology: Thank you again, Fantina! I really appreciate it.
that green couch: [with Simon]
hasgoldenaura: [FFFF]
gymfantomatique: it is not of a problem, ma chere
lovesmythology: [take care of my not!bf ok]
gymfantomatique: [I HAVE CLASSES SOON :( ]
that green couch: [we'll take goooood care of him~]
that green couch: [:(]
lovesmythology: Good night May, Fantina, Ethan and Simon!
lovesmythology: ???
that green couch: [byeeee kelvie <3]
gymfantomatique: Bonsoir!
that green couch: Take care!
gymfantomatique: [bye everyone!! <3]
findingmylegs: Goodnight, Katie. ^^
gymfantomatique: Bonsoir, and take good care!
lovesmythology has left the room.
gymfantomatique has left the room.
findingmylegs: I suppose that's my cue to close up for the night. Long day tomorrow. ^^
findingmylegs: Goodnight, everyone.
findingmylegs has left the room.
that green couch: Ethan... it's really cold up here.
that green couch: You didn't turn on the air conditioning did you?
hasgoldenaura: er. No. I don't even mess with it, since Typhlosion likes being.. not cold.
hasgoldenaura: ...You felt it too, then.
hasgoldenaura: .....
that green couch: .... This is a bit strange.
that green couch: Did you want to go down the hall first?
hasgoldenaura: S-Sure. [totally has Typhlosion lead the way, though. ffff]
that green couch: [following!]
that green couch: [Well, Blaziken is walking with Typhlosion.]
boyslovemyhat: [Oh you fire starter types. Y'know water beats them~]
hasgoldenaura: .....!
that green couch: Wh-Who did that?
that green couch: Did the bulb burn out?
hasgoldenaura: I'm hoping so... [NOT nervously having a hand on his pokemon, now. |D]
that green couch: ... Blaziken, stay behind me, okay?
that green couch: [sloooowly walks towards the room]
hasgoldenaura: [inches for the room, after her. His Typhlosion behind him and he's got a psuedo-beat stick as he grabbed for a random umbrella from the floor. 8D;;]
SETTING: [?????I?? ????N???S W??S S?NI?NI?? ?H?]
that green couch: [g-good thinking, ethan]
that green couch: There isn't a record player or something in that room, is there?
hasgoldenaura: ....[s-shaaaaaakes. Kinda moves in front of May, now as they reach the door, as the only one with a ghetto weapon.]
boyslovemyhat has left the room.
boyslovemyhat has entered the room.
hasgoldenaura: Not that I know of... And I've been through most of these rooms...
that green couch: [deep breath, hushed voice.] Okay... o-open it?
SETTING: [the door is warm...]
hasgoldenaura: ....
hasgoldenaura: ...shit. [his hand reaches the door knob in one move, and begins pushing it open, umbrealla ready to swing oh god oh god....]
SETTING: [but no really nothing happens. it's just the room. and now that they're closer, the music seems to be coming from... above?]
that green couch: .... th-there's an attic, isn't there?
that green couch: [is sort of clutching at Ethan's... wait he's naked]
that green couch: [okay, clutching Ethan.]
hasgoldenaura: [he uses his psuedo weapon to poke the top/ceiling, checking for an attic. Is the noise still there?]
SETTING: [the music gets louder]
that green couch: I think when I was looking around, the entrance to the attic was in the closet.
hasgoldenaura: [Oh boy~ (not really.) He goes to take a peek in the closet and lo and behold, she was right. The louder music coming from here, indeed. Well. He reaches and has the steps come down.]
hasgoldenaura: ...
hasgoldenaura: [dark attic is dark from up there and him being down here.]
SETTING: [the music... stops.]
hasgoldenaura: .... oh you gotta be-

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