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Name/Alias: Julie
LJ: sira
Contact Info: E-mail: super.chocobo[at] • AIM: tackleglomp
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• canon character •
Name: May (PC)
Age: 19
Hometown/Region: Cianwood City, Johto → Littleroot Town, Hoenn
Class: Pokémon Trainer/Champion
[on hand] Blaziken M Swellow F Gallade M Glaceon F Milotic F Salamence M
[at home/roaming] Beautifly M Absol F Rayquaza

[traded/released] Wailord M Flygon M

History: All details involving Brendan, Wally, Barry, and Green have been discussed with their players beforehand!
May was born in Cianwood City, Johto, to two Pokémon trainers, Norman and Caroline. Her childhood there was largely uneventful, as her father was often out training and having adventures of his own, and she was left to be primarily raised by her mother in the city. With dangerous cliffs to the west and a vast expanse of ocean to the east, Cianwood wasn't the easiest city to leave, and for one young girl, her entire world ended at the shoreline. However, as a child of six, she was once taken on a short trip to Goldenrod City--the incredible experience of the new sights, the crowds and the impossibly tall buildings stayed with her, and it was then that she decided what she wanted most was to travel and see as much of the outside world as possible. Amazingly, that opportunity came up sooner than expected when Norman was given a brand new job as the Petalburg City Gym Leader in the Hoenn Region, and the family ended up moving to Littleroot Town when May was around the age of 10.

Soon after settling in, May was prompted by her mother to introduce herself to Professor Birch, a well-known researcher who lived in the small town. She encountered the professor being chased by a Zigzagoon out on the wild, and was asked to help by choosing one of the three Pokémon he had on hand; May went with Torchic. Birch was grateful for the rescue, and allowed her to keep Torchic as an offer of thanks, as well as letting her know that his son, Brendan, would be able to show her the ropes on Pokémon training if she seeked him out. The two battled, May surprisingly winning over the more experienced Brendan, and it wasn't long before Birch gave her a Pokédex and she received her very first set of Pokéballs from Brendan. With this, her journey as a Pokémon trainer had begun, and her dream of seeing the world had become reality.

May quickly became attached to her Torchic and started to see a whole new side of Pokémon she hadn't properly considered before. While she did care for them, having grown up familiar with both her father's and her mother's Pokémon, she was humbled greatly by the responsibility of showing such a young, innocent creature what the world was like and teaching it all she had been taught herself. Travelling was still important, but realizing that she wouldn't have to be alone the whole time was more comforting than she'd ever thought it would be. The day she departed from Littleroot, she and Torchic managed to catch a Taillow after a tough battle, and the uplifting feeling of accomplishment that struck her the second the Pokéball stilled--with that telltale solid click--was enough to convince her that this was the right path for her to be following.

Her first rest stop was in Petalburg City, where she met and helped a young boy named Wally--a boy who would later become a good friend of hers--with his very first catch, and spoke with her father. Norman suggested that May take the gym challenge, but refused to battle her until she had won at least four badges. Emboldened by her exciting new goal and her father's encouragement, she headed off to Rustboro City to challenge the first of the eight gyms.

With each new badge to look forward to, May's journey took her to every distant corner of Hoenn and had her cross paths with many interesting people and Pokémon. Along the way, she had a series of friendly encounters and battles with Brendan and Wally--soon, she came to consider them as valuable rivals. She also met and befriended a young man named Steven Stone, who was the son of the president of the famous Devon Corporation; Steven happened to be an intelligent and experienced trainer who was an invaluable help to May throughout her travels. Finally, she had managed to catch and raise four more Pokémon, completing her team as the friends she'd take with her right through to the last badge, and perhaps beyond: Beautifly, Absol, Flygon, and Wailord.

Unfortunately, things were not entirely peaceful in the Hoenn Region. She had several decidedly unfriendly run-ins with the notorious gangs Team Aqua and Team Magma, and eventually, their conflicting ideals would result in extreme, uncontrollable weather abnormalities that affected the entire region. Team Aqua wanted to call upon the legendary Pokémon Kyogre because they wished to expand the oceans of the world, and it would bring about a neverending downpour. Team Magma wanted to call upon the legendary Pokémon Groudon because they wished to expand the land mass of the world, and it would bring about unbearable heat from the sun. To May, it was clear that the teams needed to be stopped at all costs; too many people, too many Pokémon were going to be hurt or even killed, and she acted on her instincts by joining Steven in halting the leaders, Archie and Maxie respectively, in their tracks. With their combined efforts, they managed to defeat both in battle and strike a significant dent in their plots--but it was too late. Kyogre and Groudon had been awakened.

When May arrived in Sootopolis City closely behind Steven, the two Pokémon were locked in battle, and catastrophic destruction was imminent. Following the advice of the current Champion, Wallace, she left to seek out the only being who could get through to Kyogre and Groudon: Rayquaza, the legendary Pokémon who ruled the skies. Wallace had already arrived and unlocked the Sky Pillar, Rayquaza's home, but upon May's arrival, an earthquake began to shake the entire island--the weather had begun to change. Wallace, worried for Sootopolis, quickly headed back to the city and left May to deal with finding Rayquaza alone. The urgency of the situation heavily pressing her forward, it wasn't long before she had managed to climb to the top of the Sky Pillar, and she hurried to the sleeping Rayquaza's side. Rayquaza was easily awakened, and after May's hasty explanation of what had happened, took off without another second of hesitation. When she returned to Sootopolis, Rayquaza had arrived, and it quelled the anger of the two powerful legendaries and immediately ended the conflict. Archie and Maxie realized the disaster they had nearly caused, and they ended their rivalry, disappearing soon afterwards. With the region's weather back to normal, May was able to take a breath of relief--now, she was free to return to her journey. The world was saved.

After achieving her eighth and final badge from Juan at the Sootopolis Gym, May had officially completed the gym challenge and her original goal. Over the year and a half she'd spent on the road, she had long learned that battles were not simply who was better or stronger, but were the ultimate test for the trust shared between trainer and Pokémon, and that each battle was a brand new experience that could never be duplicated. She had wanted change and adventure, wanted to find a reason to keep moving forward, and she had found it. She decided to challenge the Pokémon League, and it was tough: Sidney, Phoebe, Glacia, and especially Drake lived up to their titles as the elite of all Hoenn trainers, but though her team had nearly fallen to Drake's Salamence, May never lost hope and never gave up.

At last, she reached Wallace, and after the longest and hardest match she had ever experienced, it happened: she had officially become the new Hoenn Champion. Happy enough to cry, and filled with more pride and love for her Pokémon than she was able to fully express, May finally returned to Littleroot Town, absolutely exhausted and looking forward to nothing more than her warm bed at home.

The next day, she left the house at the crack of dawn--she wasn't quite done with the world yet, after all.

She spent the next year exploring the Hoenn Region freely, without the danger of Team Aqua's and Team Magma's nefarious plans or the obligation to find and train for the next gym lurking over her head. Hoenn was a vast, beautiful region with the toughest terrain around, and while she had certainly seen most of it already, this time she made a point of getting to know the land as well as she could. She took a different approach to her travels, getting more attached to the wild by the day and choosing to stay in a tent instead of the nearest Pokémon Center, which eventually turned into a sleeping bag under the stars, which eventually turned into a makeshift nest with her team as her blanket. She knew the dangerous desert on Route 111 like she knew her own home's backyard, and the expansive cavern on the seafloor was one of her favourite areas to return to.

Half a year after winning the League, May chanced a visit to Sky Pillar, partially on a whim, and partially out of curiosity. Rayquaza seemed to have been expecting her by the time she made it back to the top, and in mutual understanding, the two engaged in battle. May won, narrowly, and used the special Master Ball she'd retrieved from Team Aqua's hideout to catch the legendary Pokémon. She realized that Rayquaza's power was too great to be controlled or contained, however, so she let the legendary beast roam free, and it promised to return to her whenever she needed its help. Still, she was happy; she'd earned Rayquaza's respect and friendship, and that was all she could have asked for.

Nearly a full year had passed when May encountered an unexpected visitor to Hoenn: Green, the former Champion of Kanto, who had been friends with Brendan for some time due to their mutual interest in the geosciences. May, who hadn't been properly challenged on the field for several months and had begun to feel discouraged, was interested in what a match with a Kanto Champion might be like, and asked him for a battle. Incredibly, Green won, an outcome that was a surprising but highly welcoming turn of events for May. It wasn't long after that when it became clear her passion for battling had been renewed in the face of her defeat, and after Green returned to Kanto, May planned for her next journey to take her out of Hoenn--preferably, as far away as she could manage. So she decided to head north, to the Sinnoh Region.

Having released Wailord and left Beautifly and Absol with her mother, her team now had three open slots, and the first of them was quickly taken up again by a male Ralts she managed to catch shortly before she departed from Hoenn. After landing in Sinnoh and adjusting to the dramatically different climate and the interesting culture differences, she spent a good several weeks spending time with and training her new Ralts, which evolved into Kirlia around the time May was considering entering the Battle Frontier. With Kirlia's eager consent, May acquired a Dawn Stone and evolved him into Gallade, marking her first fourth-generation Pokémon. With this exciting new development to spur her on, she finally headed to the Battle Frontier, only to meet up with an old friend--Wally. Together, they did very well, both competing against one another and partnering up against some of the Frontier Brains. May also met Barry, with whom she instantly clashed--their personalities were too similar yet not similar enough, and despite being the type of person able to befriend nearly anyone, she couldn't help but feel relieved when she had finished up at the Frontier and it no longer meant she could potentially run into Barry at any given moment (quite literally).

After she and Wally parted to go on their separate ways, May continued to explore Sinnoh, fascinated by everything from the intriguing Pokémon she'd never so much as heard of to the sprawling mythology of the region. Sometime along the way, she acquired a surprise gift from Brendan delivered all the way from Hoenn in the form of an Eevee egg he'd found, and acquired even more of a surprise gift from nature when a Feebas latched on to her rod while she had been attempting to fish for dinner in Mt. Coronet. With Gallade in mind, she decided that she'd try her hand at learning more about evolution, now that she had the opportunity to do so with such unique Pokémon. In due time, Glaceon and Milotic became proud members of her team.

May had wandered through Sinnoh for a full year before she began to feel restless, and started pondering the options for her next quest. This time, she was bitten by the battle bug--she still loved travelling as a hobby on its own, but she was beginning to miss how it had felt to challenge the gyms. Besides, she'd heard Green had recently become a Gym Leader himself--facing him was definitely going to be interesting. And if Green was in Viridian City...

She boarded the SS Anne and took it back to Hoenn, intending to regroup and visit her family and friends before she'd head to Kanto. While there, she discovered that Brendan had been having issues with his Salamence, which he'd raised from a Bagon himself. He believed he was now unfit to be its trainer, and asked if May would take it off his hands. She ended up giving up her Flygon, as it had always been fond of Brendan and particularly interested in his research, though she still loved it dearly as a friend who had been with her from the start. The trade was successful, and May now had a feisty, battle-ready Salamence to train, and Brendan now had an invaluable research assistant in Flygon.

May was freshly 15 when she finally touched down in Kanto. The other passengers had barely begun to disembark when she beelined for the Vermilion Gym, reacquainted with the same rush she'd had five years ago as a brand new trainer. Salamence was still difficult to control, nearly costing them her first two gym battles, but May persisted, and eventually, Salamence learned to respect and listen to her. By the time she'd earned seven badges and was ready to face Green once again, she knew she had to take it completely seriously and not dare to hold back in the slightest this time. After... an anticlimactic two weeks of delayed and interrupted battles for numerous reasons (including but not limited to a Rattata stampede, a holepunched gym and righteously angry bugcatchers), she finally won over him after an epic battle in Victory Road and received the Earth Badge. (... Of course, that only brought their score to a tie at 1-1.) Fully warmed up as a trainer from her amazing battles in Kanto, she was uninterested in challenging the Indigo League at this time, so it was only right for May to proceed into Johto, her home region, yet now the one she was least familiar with.

Over the next two and a half years, she took to drifting between Johto and Kanto. In Kanto, Viridian City became somewhat of a second home, as she took to squeezing her way into Green's life and staying in his house (often uninvited) during her frequent visits. In Johto, she spent the majority of her time near Goldenrod City and Cianwood City, as she had decided to volunteer at both the National Park and the Safari Zone and do all she could to learn more about them and the Pokémon in Johto--the Pokémon that her parents had grown up with. But this was the longest time May had ever spent outside of Hoenn, and despite how comfortable she was with her steady-yet-still-exciting lifestyle, she eventually began to miss her home, and made plans to move back.

Now, at the age of 19, May helps her father out at the Petalburg Gym, providing general maintenance and periodically taking up the role of a floor trainer (using a Furret and a Linoone to avoid being overpowering). To cut out the daily commute from Littleroot Town, she lives in an apartment in the city with Brendan, who also helps out at the gym while continuing his research on the side.

If one were to describe May using a single term, it would be free-spirited. She's the type of person who is never weighed down by insecurities or failures, choosing instead to force herself through them or turn and leave them behind. Outgoing and playful, she laughs easily and smiles by default; she loves all Pokémon and humans until they give her a reason not to, and is always pushing the extra mile to get to know someone new. Her expressive, friendly attitude contrasts and compliments her best friend Brendan's more quiet and thoughtful personality very well, and she's often playing the part as his personal social networker. She's very physically affectionate with her friends and only has a clear idea of 'personal space' when it comes to respecting that of Pokémon--this can cause her to easily get on others' nerves, but she'll back off if it's obviously making them uncomfortable.

A huge part of her character is her love for travelling, which over time solidified a deep connection with nature. She adores the outdoors, and her experiences with Hoenn's terrain have taught her invaluable survival skills for dealing with the wild. This isn't to say that she doesn't like civilization at all--she definitely enjoys seeing the sights in big cities, or learning about small towns packed with culture, but her heart first and foremost lies with exploring deep caves, dense forests, and open sea. (A trip isn't a trip without getting a little dirty, after all.) This goes hand-in-hand with her love of Pokémon, and having immersed herself so deeply in the different natural environments for them, she cares very much about sustainability and protecting the earth and all life forms, and tries to lead as organic a lifestyle as she can manage.

Given the above, it should be no surprise that May lives for adventure and the thrill of surprise. She needs change, she needs different, she needs action. She absolutely cannot sit still and wait for instructions, and once she gets an idea in her head, it doesn't take her long at all to act on it. (This usually results in her disappearing without a trace from wherever she's currently living, without notice; her family and friends are used to it.) She also has a strong sense of justice, influenced from a young age by Steven and their dealings with Team Aqua and Magma, and refuses to simply stand by and watch if there's anything at all she can do to help (and even if there isn't, she'll try anyway). She can be fiercely protective of nearly anyone she respects or likes on even the most minimal of levels. Others' well-beings always take priority over her own, to a point where, in extreme situations, she can be dangerously irresponsible and neglectful of her own health and safety as long as it means that her friends (including all Pokémon) are alive.

That said, she is also very forgiving and almost never carries any sort of grudge unless there is an especially good reason to. If anyone seriously manages to tick her off--which is a very rare situation--she might shout for a few minutes or stomp around aggressively (or both), but it tends to quickly degenerate into mild exasperation or sadness, and in the blink of an eye she's gotten over it and moved on with her life. In the odd case where she fully dislikes someone for whatever reason (such as with Barry) the shouting and stomping around tends to last a little longer, but she'd much rather ignore and avoid them than initiate conflict.

Being an experienced Pokémon trainer and a Hoenn League Champion, May is definitely a reasonable level of intelligent and is able to quickly draw up highly innovative and efficient strategies on the battlefield (as well as being a little spontaneous and risky, for fun). As aforementioned, her survival skills and ability to work with nature as a whole are something to be reckoned with, but give her a textbook filled with complex scientific terms and formulas and it's more likely to be turned into kindling. (Sorry, Brendan.) She's much more of a practical learner, by example and experience, and would prefer tinkering with an item until it works over bothering to read the instruction booklet.

May's biggest flaw, aside from her occasionally obnoxious overenthusiasm, is most likely her flightiness. She changes her mind at the drop of a hat and easily forgets small details, such as what she's meant to buy at the store and the exact time she agreed to meet up with someone. She's also somewhat of an unintentional daydreamer--one is never fully certain if she is actually listening to you or if she's thinking about how she'd like to raise a Slowpoke sometime instead.

Sample I: You are leaving a voicemail message for Red.
[ beep! ]

Hey, there! Red, right? It's May! I don't know if you've heard of me or not, but I'm a friend of Green's! It's great to finally get to meet you! ... in a manner of speaking. You have a lovely voice, by the way! ... Oh, er, that's a little creepy of me, isn't it? Hee hee... Sorry, ignore me!

Anyway, the reason I called was--you see, I just got my Earth Badge from Green, and he thought it would be a great idea for me to meet you! He thinks it would be interesting if we battled... I don't know, what do you think? From what I've heard--which is a lot by the way, did you know that Green never shuts up about you? It's kind of completely adorable--anyway, you're certainly something special!

But where was I...? Oh, right! Are you up for a battle? If you're not, I understand! I'd still love to meet you and get a look around Mt. Silver. I've heard some of the strongest Pokémon in both Kanto and Johto are from there... It must be an amazing place to train! Oh, but you already knew that, of course, didn't you?

Okay, I'll let you go now! I'll look forward to hearing back from you! Have a wonderful day and talk to you later, Red! Bye!

[ click. ]

Sample II: YOUNGSTER JOEY wants to battle!
"Hey! If you think you're tough enough to go up against Green, you have to go through me first--hey, where are you going?"

It wasn't as if May was running away from the young boy on purpose, but, well... the gym floor had other ideas. She was shooting towards the back of the gym with her feet planted firmly on the moving tiles, and almost thought she might make it, except--yes, of course, the route changed and she was going around again. To be quite honest, it was too fun for her to be annoyed, and she imagined Green was getting quite a kick out of watching her stumble around anyway. She waved cheerfully in the general direction of his pedestal (really, Green?) before abruptly losing her balance as the tiles slammed to a halt and she found herself--in the strong arms of a gallant gentleman?

"Whoa, lady, are you okay?"

Oh. The kid had caught her. Well, that was all right too.

May laughed and straightened, offering the young boy a smile. "I'm fine! Thank you. Your gym leader certainly has a creative way of welcoming his challengers."

The boy was all business and didn't bat an eye. "If you think you're tough enough to go up against him, you have to go through me first, Joey of the World's Best Rattata!" Joey puffed out his chest proudly, before running to the other side of the short field he'd been waiting on. "Go, Raticate!"

"But isn't that a Raticate, not a Rattata?" May pointed out, with an amused grin, even as she ran her fingers over her belt of Pokéballs and mentally ran through her options.

"He was a Rattata!" cried Joey defensively. "Anyway, he's different from all Ratta--Raticate--and that's why he's the best in the world, because--"

May considered Glaceon--she was neutral against a Normal-type, but her high physical defense would hold up well against Hyper Fang. Swellow's superior speed and Gallade's type advantage were the obvious options, but that was too easy, and she wanted to make sure they were both in top condition to battle Green's Machamp and Pidgeot. Salamence was out of the question, as she didn't want to completely demolish the gym quite yet, and Milotic needed to be at full health in case no one else could take down Green's Arcanine. And Blaziken, as her highest levelled, was her trump card--she didn't quite want to bring him out until she absolutely needed to.

"--hey, are you listening, lady?! Anyway, call out your Pokémon already! I don't have all day! Mom's making macaroni and cheese for dinner tonight!"

"Sorry, sorry! I'm ready!" May called back, thoughtful expression lightening into an easy smile once more. She unclipped her fourth Pokéball and tapped the button twice, before tossing it into the field. "Go, Glaceon!"

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