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: in love
: family/dating
: best friend/crush
: close friend
: good friend
: acquaintance/casual friend
: neutral/dislike/hate
☆ cute as a button ☆
Wally is one of the people May respects most, out of everyone she's ever known. She still remembers that first time he wanted his first Pokémon, and had been so determined to fly past the limits of what had been set for him--and seeing Wally keep up that amazing drive to follow his dreams even now is hugely inspirational to her. At the same time, she feels both incredibly proud of him and still slightly protective--he's definitely become the little brother figure in her life.

☆ cute while unbuttoned ☆
Having met Green through a friend, May was already quite fond of him prior to their actual meeting. And then they'd battled and Green had unintentionally become the very reason her love for battling had been properly restored, and he's been an irreplaceable part of her life ever since. They have a very comfortable and reasonably close--if delightfully odd--friendship; she routinely barges in on his life and sleeps on his couch or otherwise meddles in his daily affairs, and his opinion is one she always takes into the highest regard, as she highly respects him as both a trainer and as a person. At the same time, he reacts in an exceptionally hilarious manner to even the most innocuous of May's teasing, making him a great source of reliable entertainment as well.
☆ green-trolling pal ☆
May ended up meeting Leaf through Green, as she was one of his closest friends. They got on very well almost immediately, and have remained great pals throughout the years. They tend to team up in order to tease the boys (and they're usually quite successful).
☆ green-trolling pal ☆
Everyone knew who Red was, and while May had always carried a lot of respect for him, they'd never quite met properly, even despite their mutual friend in Green. This changed after they met at the Viridian Festival and hosted a pie booth together. They're still not all that close, but... well, you know. Green just brings people together. Green and Swellowman, that is.
☆ easy target ☆
Oh, Silver. Neither of them really knows how they even got to... wherever they are, but May's incredibly fond of Silver and shows it by teasing him about everything possible on a daily basis. She likes to think they have a beautifully unique bond.
☆ accomplice ☆
Quite possibly the only sixteen-year-old tushie she would tap in a second. That is to say, she has complete and utter respect for this marvel of a prodigal young man, and everything they do together is a fulfilling and learning experience on both parts.
~*fabulous*~ hoenn bro ☆
May adores Wallace (and might have a bit of an idol-crush on him, but shh). His charm and grace is completely enchanting to her, and the first and last battle she ever had with him that earned her that spot in the Hoenn League Hall of Fame will remain with her forever. They get along fantastically well and enjoy running through sparkling meadows on sunny days in the spring into each other's arms.
☆ teatime buddy ☆
May first encountered Erika when she was challenging her gym for the Rainbow Badge. At one point, Erika invited her to sit down for a cup of tea, and that simple gesture sparked a great friendship between the two. They share a passionate interest in the earth and the environment, and can get caught up easily in discussions with each other about the 'girlier' topics. May considers Erika to be one of the most beautiful and classy women she knows--while also being fun and interesting to talk to--and respects her deeply.
☆ squishable hoenn bro ☆
The first time May met Tate, she could hardly believe someone that young could be a Gym Leader already, but she knew he'd be someone to be reckoned with. (And she was right!) That said, she has a lot of respect for his and his sister's talents, and tries to make a point of catching up with him every so often. They're closer to acquaintances than proper friends at the moment, but she'd love to get to know him better!
☆ female champ revolution! ☆
May has never gotten a chance to meet Dawn in person, but you can bet she wants to! She seems like a smart and fun person to be around, and she'd love to exchange battling tips with one of the few other female champions in the regions. (Plus, she thinks Dawn's taste in boys is pretty damn good. Well... except for Barry, that is.)
☆ that boy next door ☆
All May knows about Aaron is that he really, really intrigues her. Could someone that cute and down-to-earth really be a standing member of the Sinnoh Elite Four? Apparently so! Not to mention that he sounds like he sure knows how to have fun. ♥ She'd really like a chance to see if they could be friends.
☆ insufferable bird nest ☆
The first time they met was like fire meeting oil. Most of the time, they can't stand to be around each other--but when they are, you can bet all of your money that there will be a lot of shouting and capslock. May doesn't hate Barry so much as she wonders how anyone could be such a loud, obnoxious, impatient idiot, and tries her best to ignore him instead of initiating conflict. Usually, this doesn't work.
☆ colossal douchetank ☆
Simon The Collectorcollectathon
Everything about Simon sets off May's skeeve alarms. She strongly disagrees with his principles and will not hesitate in telling him so, and the way he treats her friends completely infuriates her. Sure, he seems all bark and no bite so far, but you can bet that she's going to keep an eye on him in the future.

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